About PAF

The Pacific Art Foundation (PAF) is a 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1994.  PAF’s mission is to support and encourage artists and assemble, through gift or acquisition, a collection of paintings and other artwork by primarily California artists.   PAF presents informative and educational programs by collectors, gallery owners and artists, and, through fundraisers, provides financial support to art students through an annual scholarship program.

The PAF's fine art collection is graciously showcased at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach California.  PAF‘s Board of Directors is comprised of civic leaders, collectors, and art enthusiasts committed to advancing and enhancing the PAF mission.


The Foundation’s collection focus is on American art of the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries. The major focus is on the works of contemporary California artists. The collection is currently composed of 50 pieces from various artists.


The Foundation sponsors a series of educational programs known as PAF Art Forums. The series is designed to inform and educate the public about artists and their works.


The Pacific Art Foundation is dedicated to promoting active education programs that will expand the understanding and appreciation of art and art connoisseurship in the community.

Scholarship Recipients

Fall 2018: Brandon Gonzales
bgonzales@lcad.edu or brandon_g45@hotmail.com

Fall 2017: James Thistlethwaite
PDF Coast Magazine Article / 2018, Artistic Vision by Jeannie Denholm

Fall 2016: Dana Lewis
danalewis@lcad.edu or miss.dana.christine@gmail.com

Fall 2015: Trevor Christiansen


The Foundation’s board consists of 15 leaders in the Orange County art community. All acquisitions, divestures and offers of donations are approved by the Board. The collection is housed and on display at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach. The public has access to the collection through regularly scheduled docent tours. Leadership of the Foundation resides in its elected Chairman, Geoff Le Plastrier, its treasurer John Meindl and Secretary Pat Houston. All three have been members of the Board since its inception in 1994.

The Foundations major funding source is derived from sales of artworks, undertaken in partnership with local galleries. All contributions to The Pacific Art Foundation are tax deductible and are used for the acquisition of original artwork, the underwriting of exhibitions and scholarships, and the publication of informative catalogs and brochures.

Carlos Almaraz, Untitled Clown

Carlos Almaraz, Untitled Clown | PAF Collection

Ken Auster, Chef Rainier and Crew

Ken Auster, Chef Rainier and Crew | PAF Collection

Members of the Board of Trustees

Geoffrey Le Plastrier
Dana DePoy
David Perry
Diane Smith
Diane Uehlinger

Jay Slosar
Joe Stapleton
John Meindl
Judy Strauss
Pam Selber

Patricia Houston
Phyllis Shafer
Sherry Pollack Walker
Sarah Strozza
Vivian M. Browne

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